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If you wish to learn to care for the hair and skin of your dog (young and adult) using the corect method for daily hygience, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail. Pilar will be glad to assist on the proper caring that is both comfortable and easy for your dog. If applied correctly, it can be a good relaxing way for you pet and helps cement the strong bond between the owner and its pet.  A dog with long coat, Pilar can teach you how to maintain the hair (without knots) and skin in perfect condition. If the hair and skin of your pet is not treated correctly, it produce allegies and small bite mark on the skin of the animal. The hair of the dog is different from human. Each dog´s breed has its own unique hair and skin texture and the treatment is not always the same. This type of service that Pilar offers is available throughout the greater Los Angeles area mainly in San Fernando Valley.

         Pilar does not teach complete bathing or grooming of your dog. She works in colloboration with her partner to provide you this service. For picking your pets directly at your home of residence, there is an added charge to the regular price of grooming and bathing in San Fernando Valley. In addition to the service she offers, Pilar is a certified dog and cat trainer. She can both teach basic grooming and pet training right at your home. If you wish more information and would like to make an appointment for training your dog and understand basic hygiene, please send her an e-mail.

            Pilar is a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America. She has an advance certifificate in dog grooming from 4-Dogs Grooming Academy located in Southern California.