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Training dogs and cats take time and perseverance. Teaching must be accomplished as early as possible. Owners and their pets need to learn to coexist together in harmony if they want their relationship to last forever. Since dogs and cats live an average of 15 years, owners have to dedicate their time patiently in educating their pets. When pets behave properly taking them anywhere is easy and fun.

         Love does not mean owners need to rub and give treats to the pets anytime they want. This is considered spoiling the animal behavior. Love means spending time, enjoying each other’s company and learning to play together. By walking makes the dogs feels better about themselves. Petting or giving treats to animals when exhibiting unwanted behavior means tolerating them at their current state of mind. Giving food to dogs or cats when they are bad means the owner is encouraging them to act the way they wanted because in the end they get rewarded.

         When dogs or cats are not well trained, it can create a big problem for owners and its neighbors. It many cases, it can lead to animal neglect and abandonment and can end up in a shelter or if not adopted for many months could be put to sleep. On the other hand, a well-trained pet is easy to manage. Traveling with the them become less of a hassle, no complaining from people, and creates a good atmosphere for the owner and its pet to bond together.  Training and spending quality time with dogs or with cats, can stimulate the mental development of the animals into a well balance behavior.

         Dogs need daily walking, playing, and leadership. Like dogs, cats also need socialization. Owners can bring their cat out with a leash attached to a cat harness. Outside environment helps cats enjoy their newfound scenery and reduce boredom of being at home all the time. Cat owners cannot leave their pet outside unattended. They can be hit by a car and can get lost or stolen. Love is priceless and having a pet missing can be a traumatic experience. Animal safety should always be the number one concern when people travel with their pets. Bringing a pet outside can have a lasting impact for the animal. It helps develops confidence and socialization skills by being with others using positive feedback.

         Sometimes the old notions that cat cannot be trained still exist in people´s mind. The conclusion is based on cat’s independent personality. Cat enjoys learning. Training sessions to them means attention and treats. It loves interaction. Interaction builds friendship and enhances the relationship between its owner and its pet.  Owners playing games with their cat can stimulate the pet´s brain activity and can help make grooming activity easier for the owner especially when the cat can associate this as part of role-playing activity.


         Most of the problem typically associated with cat while living indoor is related to claw scratching, territory marking, food begging and many more are easy to solve if the person knows and understands cat´s behavior. Declawing cat´s nails is not the solution. It is an unpleasant operation and a form of animal cruelty. Cat needs their claws. It is useful for climbing, pouncing, balancing, scratching and defending against other cat or animals and even human with bad intention. Normal scratching for cat is a way of dislodging or removing transparent sheath growing on the claws. If scratching is a major concern, there are steps owners can take. The use of parental training such as encouraging and rewarding desirable behavior and discouraging unwanted one is a very good method. Be proactive and consistent with this type of approach. It promotes lasting impact and will remind the cat whether such action is good or not. Other good methods to consider are (1) buying a scratching pad. It is cheap and can be found in many pet stores, (2) use soft plastic nail caps. Apply it directly to their claws. It is like putting on a hand gloves, and (3) trim tiger´s claws. Trimming claws are needed as part of basic grooming. It will not discourage the cat from clawing the furniture but can lessen the damage to the product


         Cats are territorial and care more about their space. They do not need leadership. They are leaders themselves. They look at owner as one of them. It is one of the reasons why they respond excellently to positive training techniques.


         Having a cat at home is beneficial because it reduces stress. Cats by nature are very relaxed. Snuggling a cat can make a person feels better and the sounds (purr) it produces while at rest creates calmness and thus can help in lowering a person´s stress level. Dog on the other can helps in reducing high blood pressure. Based on the study made by Alan Beck, Ph. D., the director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond and his co-researcher Aaron Katcher of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine found in the early ’80s that when people interact with dogs, “you actually get a drop in blood pressure — a true relaxation response,” In addition researcher in Japan also found that dog owners who are very closed to their pets experiences a dramatic increased in oxytocin (neurotransmitter that helps us cope with stress) by simply meeting their dog´s gaze (Huffington Post, 2012).