Grooming in Best Friends 4 23 june 2

When I was growing up I was not allowed to carry in my arms with a dog or with a cat if if was not clean. I was not even permitted to bring pets inside the house for fear it might have fleas and can get transmitted to someone. This is how I became so obsessed in bathing the dog and the cat so that I could bring them inside the house. I knew that when they are clean, my family could not find any excuse for me not to carry or play with them at home. I love dogs and cats and bathing and grooming them is a matter of affection in addition to the correct hygiene they need to have.

         I like when my pets are healthy and happier. I can enjoy their company with little health issue to worry about. Dogs and cats love when people give them the attention they need; project good positive energy; having them freshly groomed; smelling good with hair and nails properly made and not just counting on giving them good diet. When a pet is well groomed, owners spend more time with them which is great in building a strong relationship.

          Dogs and cats love to be caress. Who would want to carry or caress a dirty pet or be infected by external parasite? I bet no-one. A well groomed dog and cat is a happy pet because it recieves so much attention from its owner. A good pet groomer can transform a dog or a cat into a beautiful pet and thus become attractive to the human eye. In the case of an animal shelter,  a beautiful dog or cat can help facilitate the adoption of the abandoned animal. Furthemore, a pet that is accustomed to being groomed feels more at home, happy, confident, and sociable. For this reason, I am proud of being a groomer and a trainer because I feel my work gives meaning to the well-being of this wonderful creature.

         As part of my program, I teach basic daily grooming to dogs and cats (big or small) and for full grooming, I offer my dog-and-cat grooming salon. If your pet needs to be pick-up at home, there is an extra charge added to the regular price of grooming depending on the distance. If you have any question or would like to set-up an appointment, please send me an e-mail. Thank you.