Darla grooming copia

Pilar is a member of the National Cat Groomer Institute of America.  She is certified in cat behavior and training by ABC Animal Behavioral College in Southern California.

         It very common to see dogs being bath but people ignore the simple reason of how easy it is also to bath or groom cats. Cats by nature are very clean and love to take care of themselves. There are areas where cat could not clean especially long coats with knots and not taken care could also lead to fleas build up. When cats consumed dead hair cause by their excessive cleaning, it can produce nausea and vomiting. Eating catnip which is an important remedy in combating digestion of dead hair may not be enough to cure common problem, this is why cat grooming makes perfect sense. Cats at younger age are accustomed to bathing and the use of brushing. Grooming even makes cat relaxed producng that purr sound when receiving attention from the owner and groomer. The best recommendation to those cats not accustomed to this kind of services is to bring them to the veterinary clinic.  They can be tranqulized and groomed while asleep thus avoiding stressful level associated when wide awake. It is also good for cats with long coat that cannot recieved daily brushing. On one hand,  short hair allows for easy skin respiration, prevent knots, allergies, accumulation of dead hair, and fleas that could be found with long coats if not properly cleaned.

         Pilar can help with the bathing and grooming of your cat at an earlier age. She can show you how to care for the ears, eyes and nails. She does not mind bathing and grooming the pet at your home provided she was also the trainer. It is easy to understand the behavior of the cat if the person is both the trainer and groomer. For taking care of an older cat, it needs to be trained first in daily grooming, and seeking the advice of the veterenary is important in case he or she has  somthing to say on the do´s and don´t before bathing or grooming you pet.

         If you needed help,  please do not hesitate to send Pilar an e-mail so she could answer any question you may have. Thank you.