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Separation Anxiety
  This is a great article about Separation of Anxiety. Please read and ask Pilar if you had any questions concerning this subjet. By Jean Donaldson – 1/9/2008.   Dogs are highly social animals. Their genetic programming is to be in a pack with other individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can learn to handle being alone for moderate periods of time but, in most cases, it doesn’t come naturally. It’s not surprising then that some dogs develop separation anxiety, a disorder which, in its severe form, can consist of panic attacks: urinating, defecating, frantically scratching... Continue Reading
Grooming in Best Friends 4 23 june 2
Video: Grooming without stress at homes
I always groom and train this beautiful customer at her home. This video shows that grooming a dog doesn´t need to be stressful at all, patinete and love is the secrete. Mery Christmast!... Permalink
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New Dog at home, Welcome to the familly!
By Pilar Garrido To fell in love o a dog it is not allways the best way to get a dog. You need to made sure it mach with your stile of life and personality. Dogs no matter the breed are totaly diferent one to other in personality, so the... Continue Reading