About Pilar Garrido

          Welcome. Pilar Garrido is a certified dog and cat groomer/stylist, and trainer from two prestigious schools in California.  She studied grooming in ¨4 Dogs Grooming Academy¨ in Torrance, California. The academy is recognized internationally for its advance hand scissoring application in cutting animals hair. For information on the school, please visit  Pilar chose the grooming school because it is among the best in California. She learned from the best teacher in scissoring. She wanted a different style of learning that would challenge and surpass the skills she had while working as a dog and cat groomer in Barcelona, Spain. The owner of the ¨4 Dogs Grooming Academy, ¨ is also a teacher has won many awards from American Kennel Club (AKC) in Poodle Show Dogs for its beauty and elegance. Pilar has also presented in ¨Show Dogs Competition with my Maltese while residing in Barcelona, throughout region in Spain, France, and the Gibraltar. She also made appearances in ¨Show Dogs¨ in California with very good result but was short lived. She instead decided to focus her attention in training and grooming dogs and cats in addition to the time she spent in helping the dog/cat adoption in Los Angeles, California through Best Friends Animal Society.

            Pilar Garrido receives her professional certificate in dog and cat training from Animal Behavioral College ( in Los Angeles. The school is famous over the United State and Canada. It was founded by Steven Applebaum in 1998, which is also the current President of Animal Behavior & Training Associates, Inc., (ABTA). It is the largest independent dog training company in the United States. Pilar is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Profession (IACP), National Cat Groomer Institute of America, Inc. (NCGIA), and the National Dog Groomers Association of American (NDGAA).

            Pilar exposure in dog training and grooming is not new to the industry. She was already training and grooming dog while living in Barcelona, Spain under ¨la peluquera de malteses¨ for many years. Among her methods, she uses the clicker techniques, positive motivation, and educating owners on dog leadership training. She believes that dogs and cat need daily interaction with their owners. She is creative and believes not all pets can be trained using the same method. Understanding the importance of the relationship between the owner and his or her pet is the most important part in rehabilitating their pets. Pilar believes all pet can be educated. She does not support any form of techniques or method that can be a form of torture to all animals.

            Apart from managing her business, Pilar Garrido is also the founding members and President of ¨Asociación de Protectoras en España¨  (Association of Dog and Cat Shelter in Spain). To know more about the organization please visits In addition, she volunteers her time working with Best Friends Animal Society, a non profit organization, in rehabilitating dogs of different breeds. Best Friends Animal Society is among the few organization promoting no more killings of dogs and cats in Los Angeles. The organization also promotes adoptions, fostering, and neuter and sterilization at low cost to public. They can be seen in many of the shows in Dogtown TV Shows in National Geographic channel. In addition, Pilar also worked as a volunteer supporting animal adoption for the Jason Heigl Foundation in Los Angeles, California.  

            During early childhood, Pilar was already taking care of dogs and cats while living in Barcelona, Spain. When she was not in Barcelona, she in Seville taking care of dogs and cats in her grandfather´s farm. There was not a time when she was without dogs and cats in her life. She was blessed and was always surrounded with dogs, cats, birds, and other animals while growing up. She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She converted her love for animal into her current profession. It was her passion while growing up in Spain. She find it rewarding educating people on animal behavior and teaching them on proper caring so both can share a wonderful experience living together.

            Pilar philosophy is treat and educates dogs and cats with love and respect. She does not believe they should be humanized nor set favoritism against one from the other. They should not be treated like stuff toys. They are part of the family; they need help and love even though sometimes they do things differently. Pilar loves all breeds of dogs and cats. She believes all should be respected equally. She is not against any kinds of animal breeder. She respects those who breed responsibly. In fact, all dogs, and cats came from selected breeding brought about by human. Without selected breeding, we would not have any Maltese, German Sheppard, Labra doddle, and many more. No one animal is better than the others. Each is different with its own unique characteristics.

            Pilar Garrido is members of the following organization: (1) International Association of Canine Professionals; (2) Association of Pet Dogs Trainer; (3) National Dog Groomer Association of American; (4) Professional Cat Groomers of America;  (5) prior member of Asociación de Unión de Peluqueros  Caninos y Felinos de España and (5) -Asociación Unió Cinòlofila de Catalunya para Preservación de Las razas de Perros en España (equivalent to AKC in the United States).

            Having problems with your dogs or cats? Having doubts bathing or cleaning your pets? Do not hesitate contacting Pilar Garrido at for training and grooming of your pets. Dogs and Cats are members of the family and are always welcome at home. For information and pricing, please send her an email. Thank you.