Dindin Luchi y Candi adoption_copia_2
New Dog at home, Welcome to the familly!

By Pilar Garrido

To fell in love o a dog it is not allways the best way to get a dog. You need to made sure it mach with your stile of life and personality. Dogs no matter the breed are totaly diferent one to other in personality, so the most important is that your temperament and level of energy match with that particular dog that you had fell in love. It is a forever commitement, so please think very well your desition.Dogs suffer so much when they are abandone, they love their pack and famillies.

Shelters are excellent and they do their best, but human misunderstood dogs.  Most dogs are in the pound because they had owners who could not understand them and expect the dogs needs to understand human behaviors, human languages and feel like humans. The two main reasons a dog develops “problems” are lack of exercise and lack of leadership,something that human think is good because of “democracy” and lassy days, but dogs are not happy without bouth of it they are borred without exercice and also they love to follow guidance in life to feel secure in their packs.

Humans forget they are dealing with a canine animal and too many times do not give the canine what it needs; when the dog does not act like that picture-perfect image they had in their minds they belive they ” get a bad dog” and they bring the dog to a shelter or give it to somebody. That’s the bad and sad part. Any way, dogs live in the moment, so they suffer but they learn fast to adopt and to the new rules, so it is absolutely possible to take a full grown dog and start over as if it is the first day of the rest of its life. You can see how a dogs change behavior just changing the person on the other side of his leash. So it really do not matter what happen to the dog in the pass, what it really cares is how you will interact with your new dog and what you will teach to him.