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Show Dogs

         Eversince Pilar had her first maltese, Duke Victory del Bells Tresors, 9 years had gone by since she first started grooming and training dogs. She has been traveling around Gibraltar, France, and Spain competing in dog shows against top dog handlers in Europe. Not only has she been showing her dog but also of those of others in with great outstanding result.

         Pilar during that time went with the business name La Peluquera Maltese.  She  never had the oppotunity breeding her own dog because she was always on the go. Even though she had not started one yet,  she is not against any professional dog breeder as long as they breed puppies responsibly. She enjoyed presenting in dog shows and delighted in learning different style and techniques showing dog in competition.

         When she moved in Los Angeles in 2010, she decided to stop presenting her dog because she had not had the time. Showing takes a lot  of dedication, time and effort. However, she participated in at least three AKC Dog Shows in Los Angeles, California. Her exposure to the shows  gave her added experience and opened up many doors and opportunities. It made her a better professional.

         To Pilar, a Maltese show dog needs at least an hour of daily hair maintenance to prevent damage to hair, the avoidance of dirt accumulation, skin hydration, ears, eyes and the importance of teeth cleaning for the animal. The dog while cared for (hair ironing and face prepartion) must be trained to be in a state of relaxation, and accustomed to an environment filled with loud noise such as people clapping, and animal barking at all times. It is a must to have a well balance dog under pressure. Walking and exposing dog to people, and other animals help to become familiar with the environment. Touching the hair and even the teeth of the dog by a calm person can be a good role-playing activitiy simulating the action of the judge during a dog show event. Such activity must be perform in the presence of a trained professional to prevent any accident.

         Having a maltese show dog is not simple. A quality product is necessary in maintaining a  good healthy and hydrated skin. The hair should be brushed once daily. It needs to be carefully arranged  and wrapped with a silky paper to preserve its quality. It also needs to wear an outfit when playing  so that it does not accidentally damage its hair. In addition, the handler presenting the dog must always be the same person. It is an essential factor in building a strong bond between the handlers and its dog. It builds confidence on both sides.

         Pilar highlighted the importance of dog maintenance because to have a winning dog,  no matter what type of breed, owners or handlers need to have the highest quality grooming more than a regular home pet. If you have a dog with long coat and would like to maintain it but do not know how to, Pilar can help. She can show you how to care for it. She can teach preventive maintenance, avoid knots build up and you can enjoy seeing your dog with a beautiful lovely hair. Normally in dog grooming school, techniques on unknotting hair is never part of the curiculum and cutting hair is the simplest solution.

         Working on dog´s hair is not easy. If one wanted to know how to take care of the hair, an advance class is recommended in understanding the specific hair of different dog breed in addition to classes offered by professional handlers. If you wish to maintain the long coat of your dog, you need to know how to properly apply the right amount of shampoo and conditionaire to the hair  and  Pilar is here to teach you how to do it correctly.

         In the United States, dog groomers groom according to the American Kenel Club (AKC) standard.  They never spoke about the distinct breed, standard or grooming required in the Federation Cynogique Internationale (FIC) ( due to lack of familiarity. FIC is an international organization that does international dog shows in Europe and because of the wide experience Pilar had in presenting both in Europe and the United States, she is very familiar with the rules and regulation on dog show presentation on both continents.

         If you have any dogs with long coat such as Yorshire, Maltese, Shih Tzu, or Lhasa Apso and wondering how to maintain them, please do not hesitate to send Pilar an e-mail. She can answer any question you may have concerning long coats. Thank you.