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Video: Walking a dog pack from students
Walking a pack of dogs of my students.... Permalink
Teaching at National Dog Trainers School of Nacho Sierra School in Spain Dec. 2012
Thank you very much to  Nacho Sierra, dog trainer and founder of the Most important school of dog professional trainers in  Spain “Escuela de Formación Profesional Canina” (E.F.P.C.), for inviting me to teach some classes in 2012-2013 in this prestigious school. For further information you can see the webs of... Continue Reading
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Meaning of ” Not Humanize Dogs”
By Pilar Garrido Dog psychology tries to understand “dog´s bad behaviors”  from a canine perspective rather than from a human perspective. Anyway all of this behaviors are natural behaviors for dogs, we just try to redirected to do it in a way that the humans do not feel it is... Continue Reading
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Interview in TV in Spain September 2011
This interview was in a Tv chanel in Spain 2011 during and event of animal rescue where I was one of the organizers and its came 6000 people.... Permalink