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A good profesional dog trainer should know all the different types dogs (knowledge of selection since each one is unique regardless of breed), developmental stages, knowledge of behavior, how to dog socialize, scheduled exercise, preventive knowlege on diseases and illnesss, and of couse understands body language. In addition, trainers should look on how owners intereact with its dog. It is an important key in knowing how to the two live together.

         Many of the unwated behavior that people see in dogs such as diggings or bitting things are a normal dog behavior. Normally trainers try redirecting this type of behavior by having the dog bite on toys instead of chewing on the furnture thus channeling its energy on something practical.

         According to Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936),  a famous physiologist who discovered condition reflex, said that dogs learned through association. This association is the basis of many dog trainings or  modification in today´s market. In Pavlov´s condition reflex, he noticed that the dog salivate during his experiment, a result of the activity of the brain stimuli. In his research, he noticed that when he used the bell at time the dog was being fed, the animal began to salivate upon hearing the sound. Under this concept, the dog can be trained using clicker (sound) and reward it with food, when it performs the expected responses (positive reinforcement) or ignore the dog (negative reforcement) if it did not perform as expected.

         Pilar provides basic education in training puppies at home, helps with the dog selection suitable to the owner´s personality, assist with other dogs already living in the house, with the children or just needing help with dogs behavioral modification. She also gives groups classes in Chatworths and in Balboa Park according to the needs of the people. She also provides in-home day care service for those in needs. In addition, Pilar  provides group dog-walking in the park to help with socialization using basic obedience training.


         For any of the type of service mentioned above, please send Pilar an email so that she could contact you to answer any question you may have.