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By saying “I am a cat trainer” always has that uneasy question in people´s mind “can cat be trained?” I would say how do you expect cat learns to use the litter box, be still during brushing or grooming; learn not to scratch with their nails in any place of the house; accept dogs or other pets at home; or prevent it from devouring your bird, hamster, or fish. If your answer is yes, does it not all these learning part of training experience?

         In the old movie of Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, it showed that cats could not be trained and because of it, dogs, and cats were never filmed together. Tao, the Siamese cat, was the first trained to appear in Walt Disney film in 1963. After that appeared another cat, which at that time was in a James Bond movie in ¨You Only Live Twice and Diamonds are Forever, ¨ from there   on more cats started showing in movies and advertisements. Among the most famous of all is Morris the one appearing in Friskies cat food advertisements. Many of these cats were trained using positive reinforcement and clickers in performing public appearances.

         The difference between a dog and a cat is that a dog likes to please its leader doing things to make his or her master´s happy. However, a cat pleases its master based on friendship and trust.  Cats by nature are very independent and because of that belief, many thought training was impossible.

         I can say any cat that is not accustomed to or trained can be taught to be comfortable and obedient in front of people, noise and the camera.

         If getting a kitten is what you have in mind and needed help in education, alimentation use of litter box, buying the right toys (prevents cat from playing other stuff in the house), trimming the nails, respecting another house pets, help with socialization or similar problems, walk the cat with a leash; or teach new tricks, please contact Pilar by e-mail for consultation. Thank you.