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Interview for DOG WHISPERER Magazing/Web Dog – MARCH 9, 2020 MEET PILAR GARRIDO (AND HER DOGS)
Interview for Dog Whisper magazine See it at Instagram: @dogwhispererhq @pilargarridola Facebook: MEET TRAINER AND GROOMER PILAR GARRIDO (AND HER DOGS)! March 9, 2020|Dog Trainer Interviews By Belinda Cai Maria del Pilar Garrido Morales (“Pilar Garrido” for short) was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Her family is from southern Spain, where living on a farm was a way of life. By profession, she is a dog and cat trainer and groomer, and she also fosters dogs. Pilar likes the challenge of difficult cases — ones that others shy away from — such as working with blind, scared... Continue Reading